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about the shop

Founded in 2007, hello, cupcake is Tacoma’s premier cupcake bakery. The concept for the shop began as a daydream long before cupcake bakeries were strip mall staples, and it blossomed over the course of countless conversations around the kitchen table that began with “If we had a cupcake shop …” Over the years, hello, cupcake has become a fixture in the Tacoma community and a must-stop destination for locals and tourists alike. Our cupcakes are baked from scratch daily and topped with handmade buttercreams, using only the finest ingredients. We believe that cupcakes should be simple, elegant, and delicious, and it’s with this in mind that we meticulously craft every cupcake, every day. Our passion is fueled by the opportunity to take part in life’s joyful moments—whether it’s passing an algebra test, getting a promotion, or marrying your best friend. Every day is a reason to celebrate, and if you ask us, every celebration is a reason to eat cupcakes!

about the owner

hello, cupcake is owned by self-taught baker and dessert aficionado Allix Zemcik. What started as a second job closing the kitchen two days a week in the summer of 2010 quickly became her greatest passion, and eventually led her to the opportunity to purchase hello, cupcake from its original owners in 2014. Allix has an insatiable sweet tooth, an unconditional love for rainbow sprinkles, and endless enthusiasm for making the world a sweeter place, one cupcake at a time.

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